Imagine a society in which each and everyone is happy, healthy and going about doing the things they love to do in life. A society in which compassion prevails and one's existence is an expression of joy. All this and more can be made a living reality for you and me by a simple but powerful technique called meditation. This is exactly what the movement "Meditation on my mind" seeks to do by empowering Georgians to lead a happy and healthy life by maximizing their potential and opening up endless possibilities for themselves and society at large.

Meditation helps one delve deeper within oneself to attain centeredness, peace and tranquility. Being established in inner peace leads to the natural flowering of human values of helpfulness, gratitude, responsibility, courage, self discipline, determination, fairness, trust, patience, responsibility, contentment and compassion to name a few.

A stress-free mind and a disease-free body are the birthright of every human being.
- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Join the movement to bring about a positive change in our society through mediation, yoga and other breathing techniques.